Milan Rabszski’s Climb to the Top of the Gambling Industry

Every year, the GambleVision convention brings together everyone in the gaming industry. Players, casinos, and software developers, among others, come together to network and share ideas. As part of one of the many challenges and competitions they were expected to complete, the experts were forced to speak about their journey.

This may appear simple, but gamblers who want to pursue this path may face a number of challenges along the way. Milan Rabszski, our go-to gambling expert who is knowledgeable about both land-based and online games, recounts the challenges he overcame and how they ultimately paid off.

There are some goals that appear too good on paper, but the work required to achieve them as an adult may appear to the majority of people to be worthless. “I worked very hard to earn the expert certification, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how far I’ve come,” he said. Thus, in this essay, we will examine his journey in depth and determine how to achieve his level of gaming proficiency.

A First Spark of Light

Making the decision to become an expert is a simple and straightforward process. For some, the transition may feel natural, whereas for others, the deliberate decision to continue participating in the activity may be motivated by a strong attachment to it. Milan spent a lot of time as a kid playing card games. His mother taught him how to play poker, and he quickly became addicted. It was a call for him to become an expert, and he reacted in the same way Elsa of Arendelle did.

Be patient and start slowly.

The initial stage of treatment will always be slow. You begin by playing the game and keeping track of your overall progress. Keeping notes and constantly referring to them is an excellent method for learning from previous mistakes. Recognize that pain and loss are unavoidable parts of life. You learn more from your failures than from your successes.

Then you can help newer players who have just joined the game. When you share your knowledge with others, you not only help them, but you also build a foundation of knowledge in your own brain. It is not necessary to be an expert in order to guide another person. Finally, a high school student is still qualified to teach a middle school student.

Milan stated on his blog that reading about his progress inspired others to try new things. When his audience had questions that he couldn’t answer, he looked into the situations to find the answers. This is the method he insists on using to instill fundamentals in the minds of the players.


“Every weekend, my friends and I would gather at my house to play card games. We had a great time together, eating delicious food, drinking refreshing beverages, and having a good time. When I think back on that time, I can’t believe I didn’t realize we were inadvertently educating one another! Milan reflects. It is critical to constantly monitor your progress, but doing so with others makes the process much more manageable. It’s the psychological equivalent of having a workout buddy.

When we dissect his advice, it becomes clear that everyone has a unique perspective on the world around them. There are no two people who like the same things, and even if they did, the likelihood that they do so for the same reason is extremely unlikely. As a result, conversing with other experts and players will provide you with new perspectives to consider. You have nothing to be ashamed of; no one is perfect at first. Who better to tell you what to expect and guide you down this path than your friends and other informed people?

It’s Time to Be Specific!

It is time to move on now that you have spent time and effort correcting your mistakes. “What can we do about the ones that can’t be repaired?” Milan inquired. According to him, the majority of people are unable to overcome a knowledge barrier because it appears too technical for them. “What helped me was doing side studies in probability and statistics,” he continued. “I could do it during my spare time.”

Increasing your exposure to mathematical content is a reliable way to improve your cognitive abilities. There are numerous relevant online courses available. With the help of classes designed for people of varying levels of experience, you will be able to learn how to gamble like a pro from the ground up.

When you place your bets, there is a mathematical formula that provides an accurate picture of the odds. This advantage will allow you to take more calculated risks. Why put your money on a number with such slim chances of success? You will not learn to trust your intuition based on probability, but rather on your ability to accurately assess the situation.

Look through your dusty math textbooks for answers to the missing x and y numbers. Don’t forget to thank your high school teachers for any lessons you learned.

Learn About the Different Types of Gambling and Then Choose a Specialization.

You will be unable to determine the depth of the water unless you enter it. The same is true for gambling. It will take some time for you to become acquainted with the vast majority, if not all, of the available games, gambling platforms, and gambling styles. Instead, you should target a specific market!

You should be able to easily answer the following question: apart from gambling, what do you enjoy doing the most in life? When you combine the two, you get an addictive game! It could be a popular television show or film that has recently become a fan favorite. If you dislike visual media, consider playing games with literary, musical, historical, or architectural themes. The gambling industry offers games on almost any subject imaginable.

You won’t have much trouble finding a slot machine with a Lord of the Rings or Egyptology theme, and it won’t take long. On the other hand, one might wonder, does it even matter?

“If you are unable to find hobbies that you enjoy, you will become exhausted. “Remember that you are well on your way to becoming an expert,” Milan wisely advised. Jack becomes an unmotivated, disgruntled employee as a result of his workaholic lifestyle. You, like Jack, must find ways to unwind and enjoy yourself.

Even if you are currently having a great time gambling, if you want to become an experienced gambler, you will need to devote the majority of your time to focusing on the machines and the numbers. You must find another source of familiarity to keep yourself from becoming fatigued.

What would you describe as your online persona?

Where do you plan to gain experience? What else? The Internet, of course! Because of the internet, your reach will expand, and you will be able to reach a larger number of people than you had originally planned. You can share your knowledge with people who are new to the industry by creating videos or writing articles.

Milan recalls his early research days, when he spent a lot of time reading online blogs. Each of the blogs I used to read was focused on a specific topic. Characteristics of the author’s personality There are people who are well-known for their charitable work, goth fashion, or being jerks to others. Who do you intend to be on the internet? He questioned everyone in the room.

“Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not; your audience will quickly detect your deception.” “Be genuine, even if it lacks flair,” he advises. “Be brave enough to take that risk.”

Maintain public relations.

What should you do now that you’ve created your web presence? Posting content on a regular basis may be sufficient. No! After that, there are a few more exciting steps to take. Investing in marketing strategies can help you retain current customers while also attracting new ones.

“I’ve seen professionals use promotions, and I find them extremely appealing,” Milan said. New players can enter and play games recommended by their favorite players with the help of promotions and bonuses. They are more likely to take advantage of the referrals because they saw or read the expert’s remarks and recommendations on how to play, and you can also make a quick buck from it.

You should ensure that your presence is felt on other social media platforms in addition to maintaining a consistent publication schedule on the media platform of your choice. Keep them up to date on Facebook and Twitter by communicating with them directly on those platforms.

Maintain a Reliable Team

You may find it increasingly difficult to manage the various aspects of your new life as your personality evolves to the point where you are regarded as an expert. There’s a good chance you won’t have time to gamble if you don’t devise a plan to keep things under control from the start. You can hire a team of editors and marketing experts to help you, or you can join a group like TopKasynoOnline.

“I was delighted to meet people who shared the same goal as I did when I joined!” says Milan, a member of TopKasynoOnline. When you join a team, you will have more opportunities and be able to pursue your dreams. “You will not get very far on your own; you will need the help of others to reach the summit.” And, while you’re there, don’t forget to assist others in achieving their objectives. “The summit tends to become lonely,” says Milan.


TopKasynoOnline is well-known among Polish players as the website with the best casino expert information. We have faith in our experts, knowing that they will provide high-quality, dependable, and creative information and reviews to readers and podcast listeners. This is Milan Rabszski’s pet project, and he is working hard to ensure its success.

It will take time, perseverance, and a great deal of experience to become as knowledgeable as this publication’s editor-in-chief, Milan Rabszski. As the knowledgeable panelists at the GambleVision event emphasized, it will be a difficult path that requires extensive research. TopKasynoOnline can provide guidance because this effort was created specifically for Poles by Poles.

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